Dryers & Ovens

Dryers & Ovens

In Dryers Range We make Electrical IR Dryer, Gas Dryer, Steam Dryer, UV Dryer, Eva Curing Oven, Batch Box Oven and Jeans Curing Oven. Conveyor dryers for screen printing, and industrial applications. Models range from small entry level t-shirt dryer to professional high production drying tunnels, as well as large advanced digitally controlled commercial process heating conveyor dryers. Some models are configured with electric radiant infrared heater, to cure plastisol screen printing ink. By combining infrared heat and hot jet air recirculation to scrub the ink surface which creates convection heat to dry water based, and discharge textile silk screen or digitally (dgt) printed inks. You can cure or dry fast and efficiently any ink screen printed onto substrates such as t-shirts, garments, textiles, plastic, ceramic, glass, paper, electronic parts, and pad printed products.

Electrical IR Conveyor Dryer

Hot-Tek electrical dryers are available in efficient infrared heating with pid system. Different models with different sizes and specifactions as per customer’s results requirments. Hot air circulation models & cooling exit system also available. Energy efficient, maximum production, durable, affordable.

Gas Conveyor Dryer

Hot-Tek Gas Conveyor Dryer best choice for textile printers to need efficiency and versatility. Hot-Tek Gas Dryer designed to cure a variety of substrates created through screen printing, Digital printing, and other printing methods.

Steam Conveyor Dryer

Specially designed for curing of wool,acliric and polyester yarn. It gives quality results in minimum time.

UV Conveyor Dryer

Restoring ultraviolet screen printing inks are simple with a UV Conveyor Dyers. Screen printed or cushion printed uv inks, these units can deal with a wide scope of items, paper, plastic, cardboard, stickers, therapeutic, advertisement claim to fame and limited time items. These uv drying machines include a vacuum to hold down light items. The light lodging is movable concentration to guarantee appropriate relieving.

Eva Curing Oven

Hot-Tek design ovens and dryers that are used in textile industry. We installed hundreds of machines in different textile industry. Hot-tek specially design eve curing ovens that are use for heating eva pad before giving effects on eva pads. This ovens are mostly used in sports industries.

Batch Box Ovens

Jeans Curing Oven For Sampling

Hot-Tek Design Ovens and Dryers that are used in Textile Industry. We installed hundreds of Machines in different textile industry. Specially designed for sampling of Denim Jeans. Designed on Electrical heating system.

Jeans Curing Oven For Production

Box type with high quality material for main oven, which is made by high quality temperature keeping material. Inner oven is made by high quality stainless steel which is good for high temperature working. Outer is made by painting plate. Drying Oven for Jeans