Heat Transfer Machines

Heat Transfer Machine

In Heat Transfer Machines Range We make Roll To Roll Label Transfer Machine, Chest Heat Transfer Machine, Cap Heat Transfer Machine, Sublimation Press, Socks Heat Transfer Machine, Denim Jeans Heat Transfer Machine, Embossing and Eva Embossing Press and More.

Roll To Roll Heat Transfer Machine HT-1R

Hot Tek Offer Simply Designed Roll to Roll Label Transfer Machine. We use USA made Label sensor. The Machine can be used for Label Transfer on Garments and Denim Jeans pocket fabric Transfer.

Label Heat Transfer Machine HT-1D

Hot-Tek Brand Hot sale label Transfer machine HT-1D, double action Ideal for Label Transfer on intimate apparel, Tshirts instruction Labels, socks, bags etc. User Friendly model with easy maintenance.

Caps Press Heat Transfer Machine HT-1C

Hot Tek cap Press ideal for the Transfer of Logo on Cap Press. User Friendly Design with easy maintenance

Chest Heat Transfer Machine For T-Shirts HT-6A

Famous and Hot sale Model of Hot Tek Brand. Ideal for the Transfer Heat Transfer Stickers & Labels on T Shirt. Single Head with Double station. Very productive model. One Machine works as Two Machine. User Friendly Model with Easy Maintenance.

Semi Automatic Heat Transfer Machine for T-Shirts

Ideal for Heat Transfer Stickers,Rhine stone ,Sublimation Transfer panel or on Stitched Garments.

Full Automatic Heat Tranfer Machine

Hot-Tek Fully Automatic Heat Transfer Machine, ideal for Heat Transfer Stickers, Labels, Rhine stone stickers, sublimation on Garments, Bags, socks etc. Fully Automatic operation maximizes the production with minimum labor.

Sock Press Heat Transfer Machine SP-6A & SP-8A

Hot Tek Semi Automatic Heat press plant is ideal for sock person.Maximum and heavy production in the socks finishing department. Its heat plates automatically close by setting last former and automatically open once pressing time is completed. Both heat plates have an independent digital temperature controller with PID system to increase life of heaters. The PID system minimizes the electrical load on the wiring. It has pneumatically control pressing pressure and auto adjustable heat plate Gap according to socks thickness.

Waist band label Heat Transfer Machine HT-1D-J

Hot-Tek always introduce innovate equipments as per customer Requirments. Hot-Tek Waistband Label Transfer Machine is specially designed for denim Garment industry. This special model designed for Transfer Heat seal labels on the waistband of jeans pants. Special Design with Pneumatic system make a possible smooth transfer on uneven places. Hot sale model in Denim Garment manufacturing industry.

Waist band label Heat Transfer Machine HT-6-JWT

Another Special Model for Denim Garment industry .Special bottom plates make it possible for Transfer on Denim back pocket, Rhinstone Transfer on Jeans Pant & Transfer on waistband. Hot sale Model in Denim Garment Industry.

Heat Transfer Machine for Jeans Shinny Effect

Specially Designed Large format Heat Transfer Press for shinny effect on Denim Garments. The shinny effect process needs excellent heating with high pressure for special chemical. Hot-Tek Designed this mode to meet the need of shinny effect process requirements. This Model gives an excellent shinny look on full pant on 04 strokes. Maximum production in minimum time along with energy and labor cost advantages.

3D Wrinkle Heat Transfer Machine

Hot-Tek pioneer in manufacturing different type of wrinkle and whisker machines in Pakistan. Hot-Tek 3D Wrinkle Machine is specially Designed 3D round type wrinkle or whisker effects on Denim Pants. User Friendly operation.

Embossing Press

Hot-Tek Pneumatic Embossing Press is another useful equipment. Hot-Tek embossing Machine design is working efficient, user friendly and easy in maintenance. We offer in pneumatic & Hydraulic System.It can used for Fabric Embossing, Leather Patches, foam etc. Hot-Tek embossing Machine designed and manufactured as per customer requirements. We offer in pneumatic & Hydrulic system as per material and customer result requirements.Hottek embossing Machine mainly use for leather patch ,Embossing on Garments & Denim.

EVA Embossing Press

Hot-tek believe in continuous research and development for offer best solutions to their customers. Hot-Tek hydraulic eva embossing machine is another master piece of hot-Tek innovation and skills.this machine is appropriate for transfer dies designs on eva sheets, safety pads for sports and different items

Sublimation Heat Transfer Machines

Flat Bed Type Sublimation Heat Transfer Machine HT-12

Hot-tek Flat Bed Sublimation Transfer ideal for the transfer printing on sports wears, flags and clothing customization. We offer standard models 24” x 36” (6.5kw) 36” x 48” (12kw) 48” x 66” (18kw) along with customize models. We offer pneumatic presses in affordable price range. Clients will likewise require an air blower to run them. We offer pneumatic & hydraulic system.

Roller Type Sublimation Heat Transfer Machine

Hot-Tek Roller Type Sublimation Press available in gas / oil heat drum models. Both models are ideal for sublimation transfer results. Also, we present this item at affordable prices . Hot-Tek Roller Type Sublimation Transfer Machine used for transfer sublimation printing on shirts, clothing customization and textile industry. Sublimation printing mostly transfer on polyster and synthetic fabric.