Garments Finishing Machines

Garments Finishing Machines

In Garments Finishing Machines We make Steam Press Tables, Stain removal tables, Fusing Machine and Thread Sucker and much More

Steam Press Table

Hot-Tek offer good quality and affordable price range steam press table. Hot-Tek steam presses powerful suction through the blower activated by spring loaded paddle. Hot-Tek Steam Press Table vibrator free and slient. Powder coated and easy maintenance.

Stain Removal Table

The stain removing equipment will remove practically all stains by shooting compressed air and chemical at the stain. Pedal control vacuum switch makes it easier for its operator, saves energy and brings a lower noise. Working surface is with stainless steel preventing corrosion.

Fusing Machine

Fusing machine is suitable for all types of fabrics and can dry and iron the shrunk lining, so it is multi-purpose, and it is an essential and professional equipment for modern garment manufacturers. HotTek Fusing Machine is ideal for fabric fusing in Roll or piece form