Screen Exposer EXPO-3648

This low cost, self-contained exposure unit with banks of focused fluorescent/ UV tubes is ideal. It creates an efficient and evenly distributed actinic light profile. Screens exposed on the Expo Tek hold excellent details and fine lines for sharp, clear images with emulsions or films. The non- porous, flexible rubber blanket, and photo-clear glass combine to produce accurate copy transmittal and minimize undercutting.


  1. Exposing Area with Frosted Glass Top
  2. Mild Steel Structure
  3. Powder Coated
  4. Power Full Vacuum Pump for Positive and Screen holding
  5. Digital Time Controller
  6. Supply Voltage .440V-3 Phase (1 Phase Optional)
  7. Vacuum Pump 2HP
  8. Exposing Light Uv Lamp with Auto shutter.