Denim Jeans PP Spray Booth 1-6 Dummies


  1. Structure Material 304 Stainless steel 18-16 SWG.
  2. Air suction Blower 3hp motors.
  3. Main water pumps 3hp Motor
  4. Water Shower nozzles (for the Eco-friendly environment ).
  5. 4 stage mist separator (for Maximum moisture free Air out).
  6. Balance water flow on the waterfall (jerk free).
  7. Individual digitally adjustable Air pressure (300 millibar).
  8. Automatic Leg open function (selectable one Time by switch).
  9. One push switch (for start /end cycle and tilt dummy ).
  10. Quick air Release from balloon ( Within 3sec).
  11. Quick Air fills in balloons with accurate pressure maintaining.
  12. Quick changeable dummy legs (with quick connector).